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better than before

i don't quite recall what the first one had going for it, but as far as this one goes, its pretty good. it still lacks a theme though.

your transitions are better i think, but the song itself is still pretty much the same all the way through. your variations are not distinct enough. it seems to me like you're trying to produce a song before dreaming the dream first. you have to have the completed puzzle in your mind innitially, and then make the pieces and put it together. i feel that you suffer from this (common) problem because your composition is very abstract, and like i said before, lacking in distinction and theme.

please don't be discouraged though, you clearly have the ability. stick with it, and figure out what you want to do before you do it.

Raigon50 responds:

Thnx. I swear, I'll get this thing right eventually.

nicely done

it isn't crazy awesome or anything, but it is pretty well done overall. i think what you're missing is simply some mixing and variation. the kick and snare are lacking distinction and the piece itself is repetitive. i liked your choice of pads and atmospheric effects, but i would EQ them a bit so that they dont compete with eachother so much.

rather enjoyable

well mixed, relaxing, but deep at the same time. good, minimalistic transitions. i could do for more variation though, personally. i quite enjoyed it, overall though.

here's your review

-initial panning is predominantly in the left ear and is mildly aggravating
+percs sortof fix it but its still annoying for a bit
-cool strings but it causes me to realize how repetitive it has been so far
-lacking transitions
-lacks a distinct structure
+well mixed

JebusAndTheHolyYoses responds:


the sheer level of pwn is unbearable

...are you broken note?


Reignee responds:

i wish man , i wish :D

quite nice

it's simple and basic, but its good for having only been at it a year. i'd definitely like to work with you on this piece. it was quite moving.


you're my bloody, filthy hero, man. i diiiiig it. how do you do that bass!?

Reignee responds:

mess with your synths and effects alot, save your project as a new file with every effect you add and try different chains of effects. you could make the dirtiest bass with the simplest waveform :)

lawl i has a tajuru preserver and a guard gomazoa

pretty sweet, i definitely get the vibe. it isn't quite perfect in my opinion, though. i dont think the chimes you use go well with the idea of emrakul blotting out the sun or ulamog blasting through a mountain. i think a gregorian chant sorta thing would be more fitting, especially with your well executed rumbly atmosphere and drums and whatnot. that aside, a dang good job.

lanky21 responds:

Yeah, I didn't quite have the image of the active Eldrazi smashing the world. My idea was more the beginning of the end of days vibe. The hedrons slowly activating, the Eldrazi spawn being spotted here and there.

Thanks for the review Vaib, and remember: Friends don't let friends play blue control decks.


no words necessary


for a test this is really cool. im actually more intrigued with your style of percussion than your synthwork, which is pretty good don't get me wrong. your kick drum in particular, though, is really... intriguing. i like it alot.

phoozle responds:

Lot's and lots of compression ;) Also some EQ of course

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