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medals dont work

otherwise, it'd get a ten.

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better than before

i don't quite recall what the first one had going for it, but as far as this one goes, its pretty good. it still lacks a theme though.

your transitions are better i think, but the song itself is still pretty much the same all the way through. your variations are not distinct enough. it seems to me like you're trying to produce a song before dreaming the dream first. you have to have the completed puzzle in your mind innitially, and then make the pieces and put it together. i feel that you suffer from this (common) problem because your composition is very abstract, and like i said before, lacking in distinction and theme.

please don't be discouraged though, you clearly have the ability. stick with it, and figure out what you want to do before you do it.

Raigon50 responds:

Thnx. I swear, I'll get this thing right eventually.

nicely done

it isn't crazy awesome or anything, but it is pretty well done overall. i think what you're missing is simply some mixing and variation. the kick and snare are lacking distinction and the piece itself is repetitive. i liked your choice of pads and atmospheric effects, but i would EQ them a bit so that they dont compete with eachother so much.

rather enjoyable

well mixed, relaxing, but deep at the same time. good, minimalistic transitions. i could do for more variation though, personally. i quite enjoyed it, overall though.

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absolutely beautiful

i'm absolutely nuts about avatar, and you did a great job portraying the movie's essence. you didn't overemphasize her tribal sexiness, which alot of people do and it pisses me off cuz the story aint about that, you know? i analyzed this piece really closely because you clearly put alot of work into it and i friggin love avatar, and there were two things that dont't seem right to me and if you changed them i feel that it would make this absolutely world-class. 1. her waist is unrealistically hour-glass shaped. the navi had thick, muscular cores, and while the females were definitely feminine, they weren't shaped like that. 2. from this perspective, her neck doesnt connect well with her left shoulder. it could be the lighting, or maybe you dont have enough trapezius muscle in there. sorry for such a long review, hope it helps.


got that retro-sci fi feel, and its very well executed. needs more color!!

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